Seul Ensemble – Cirque Éloize

Our team was responsible for designing, manufacturing, and integrating the lighting within the props of Seul Ensemble, a show presented by Cirque Éloize.

From the back of the broadly lit stage, an array of lamps with video controls is used along with luminous butterflies; the technique serves the narrative. Fibre optic flower pistils, illuminated iridescent rocks, a giant diamond with sparkling edges – these elements give way to enchantment, magic and emotions.

This multitude of light interventions added a lot of dynamism and depth to the performances on stage. Thanks to battery-powered accessories that the artists could carry, the public found itself immersed in the show, enjoying luminous decor elements in the crowd. The production and the exceptional talent of each artist had to be matched by our work; it was with this rigour in mind that we delivered this project.

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