Technology development

At IC Events, there is a culture of creativity which, combined with our technological expertise, allows us to carry out innovative projects and achieve remarkable results.

Our team offers cutting-edge and efficient technology development – whatever your needs, we are here to meet them.

If an electronic or technological product does not exist, we will be happy to develop it for you.

Electronic product design
Mechanical and material design
IT programming and integration
Interactive environment design

Electronic product design

Our electronic products bring your ideas to life.

Whether for the automation of special effects on stage, the interactivity within a work of art or the creation of new functionalities for your infrastructure, the development of custom electronic products makes your project a reality.

We offer you a full development service, from the conception and printing of electronic boards to the final integration. We listen to your requirements and offer you the best possible solutions. This also includes the possibility of updating already existing systems in need of technical or functional upgrades.

Our services

Interconnection plans
Choice of components
Electronic circuit manufacturing
Control solutions
Performance tests


We can have our products certified at the customer's request.

UL Certification 

CE Certification

CSA Certification

IT programming and integration

Between the machine and you, there is a line of code.

Our technical expertise allows us to provide you with complete IT programming and integration services.

Creation of interactive games, web interface design, software development or network programming – whatever your project, our team takes care of developing turnkey solutions for your needs.

Our Services

Programming microcode
Web interface design
Computer network programming
Interactive element programming
Technology implementation
Temporary or permanent installations

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