Pop! Luminothérapie – Quartier des Spectacles & Gentilhomme

During the winter of 2019-2020, we worked on the electrical and electronic design of Pop! ‘s decor as part of Luminothérapie in collaboration with the Quartier des Spectacles and Gentilhomme.

The challenge is considerable when the technology used must remain outside in autonomous mode for two months in the middle of Quebec’s winter. Therefore, in terms of design, we took additional considerations regarding the cold and humid environment involved in these harsh climatic conditions.

The project also consisted of La Halte, a turnkey area featuring a unique and colourful arch and over 600 feet of multi-coloured hanging lights. Interaction with the audience being the focal point of Pop!, IC Events designed the electronic components of five giant Jacks-in-the-box that reacted to participants’ voices.

Thanks to our upstream planning, the on-site integration took place in less than 48 hours on the Place des Festivals. The experience certainly helped ease winter blues.

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